Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mystery Scrap '12 Week 14 - Wednesday

Yes, it's Thursday, not Wednesday! I know!
Supplies for this week - 1 piece of patterned paper cut into an approximately 9" circle - can be a bit bigger or smaller. I used one that had a repetitive grid of Disney characters on it and the inspiration page also uses a grid with different colored squares. The squares cut into a circle give a neat effect, but any patterned paper should work. 
1 piece of 12x12 cardstock for your background
2 large white circles & 2 scallop circles either the same color or 2 different colors on which to mat the white circles
2 6" border punched pieces
1 4" border punched piece of a different shape (or small punched shapes put together to form a border (I used tiny hearts)
5-10 small embellishments (buttons, small punches, gems, etc)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mystery Scrap '12 Week 14 - Monday

So, I JUST realized I never posted my page on Friday. That's probably because I don't feel like it's complete yet.  I haven't done any journaling and don't think the page needs it story-wise, but I do think it needs it design-wise.  I'm trying to finish up my Disney album before the Crop (May 5). Some of these last few pages are just pictures with the different characters at Hollywood Studios. There's not really much to say about them. :-( 
Anyway - this week, the page we're making will be 3 portrait sized pictures - 2.5"x3.75" tall.  I matted mine with a white mat. Check back Wednesday for the rest of the supplies needed and have a great week!