Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Organizational Find

My husband recently started his own business and has been spending lots of time at Staples.  A couple weeks ago, he came home and said I found something at Staples that I think you'd really like... So, the next time we were out that way he had to stop in for something I said Ok - show me what you thought I'd like!  And THIS
is what he led me to.  Is it super stylish? Nope.  But, it's very functional and pretty inexpensive & that's pretty much how I roll.  It was $15 and you can actually buy these fantastic little boxes individually in multiple sizes - here is a picture of at least 3 of the sizes - and I think there might at least one more size larger than the biggest pictured here. 
They are called "Really Useful Box"es which just cracks me up.  I have several already that I use for excess punched pieces - for example, the Stampin Up! 2 step owls or the cupcake punch.  When mass producing treats for the kids classes or birthday party invitations - I always punch more than what I need for that project because I know they might later make the perfect addition to a page or help you make a quick & simple card for someone.  You can also use paper scraps that aren't big enough to be worth saving, and see if you can get a couple punches out of them. They could also be used to store little bits & pieces like brads, buttons, flowers, etc.

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