Friday, October 28, 2011

Mystery Scrap Week 32 (Friday)

So you guys are going to laugh at me this week.  I picked out this week's inspiration before the crop last weekend. I brought it with me as one of my page kits to work on, but didn't get to it that day.  I thought to myself this is going to be an easy one! it should come together in no time at all!  NOT SO MUCH!  I spent my precious few minutes to scrapbook during the week trying desperately to pick out 6 little papers. Check out the inspiration page here. Gscrapbooks on  Looks pretty easy, doesn't it.  I probably spent 45 minutes or more just trying to pick the 6 papers. Finally, this evening (Thursday) I gave up and decided I'd let Evan pick my papers. She came in and started to hem & haw the same way I did - moving things around, pulling out other papers, etc.  Finally I set a time limit and she settled on her 6.  To be honest after she went to bed, I pulled out some other options and switched out one or two of her choices...
Anyway, once the papers were picked the rest came together really quickly.  Sadly, I love the inspiration page, but don't love mine as much.  SO, I will put it in the layouts completed pile & put the inspiration page back in my inspiration file to try to use again another day!

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