Monday, October 24, 2011

Mystery Scrap Week 32 (Monday)

Well, it was a lovely weekend here. My inlaws were in town looking for a house so they were kind enough to watch the girls Saturday so I could go to a Crop!  Ahhh. So much fun. I totally did not want to leave when it was time to pack up! But, I got some pages done - for me, actually quite a few (5 finished & 2 that were 75% done and I finished Sunday evening).  I've come a long way in the past year.  When I talked to my sister last night, she laughed and said "I remember when we lived in Massachussetts, it took you a year to do one page!" That's a slight exaggeration, but it could take me 4-6 hours to do one page because I'd move stuff around until it felt perfect.  That way would NEVER work for me now, because let's face it. Very few people have time like that on their hands.  I certainly don't have that much time to play anymore!  So, scraplifting is my answer! Anyway - if you're one of the wonderful women I met yesterday - WELCOME to my blog - I hope you'll visit often!
If you are going to follow along with this week's Mystery Scrap, you will want to grab a 4x6 landscape photo & a 4x6 portrait photo. The inspiration layout has a white border, so if you are printing at home, print with borders.  Check back Wednesday for the supplies that you will need to gather for your page.  Try it with us one week - you may find that it is possible to squeeze a little scrapbooking fun into your busy busy lives each week!

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