Friday, May 27, 2011

Mystery Scrap Week 12 (Friday)

TGIF! For such an easy page in theory, this page took me way too long to put together.  This week's mystery scrap is based on this layout on the Scrapbooks Etc website by Kelly Noel.  I've been wanting to do a page about a crazy morning that involved a rotten banana and about a zillion ants in my 1st graders's bookbag.  There's a ton of journaling, so the little strips of journaling weren't going to work on my page - so instead I just did a block and matted it. I also changed it around and put my title on one of the small pieces because I thought it would show up a little better.  Here is my page.. (Journaling below)

What did you come up with? Post your page to our Flickr group so we can all see each others! Tag it Mystery12. 
Journaling: Getting to work in the morning is no easy feat. Getting everyone up, dressed & out the door with everything necessary for school/daycare/work sometimes makes me feel like I could use a nap before I make it to my desk. Breakfast to be made/eaten, lunches to be packed, tennis shoes to be tied, hair to be brushed (sometimes I get to work and realize I haven’t brushed my own!)  Normally after a couple of “Hurry Ups” we get out the door on time.  One morning in September we took it to a whole new level. I had fixed breakfast for E & M, packed lunch for myself & Evan and packed sandwiches & chips for dinner before Karate.  We got in the car, went down the hill to the bus stop and Evan asked if I’d packed her a snack for school.  I dug through the other bags and came up with the bag of chips – so I gave her that. Then she opened her bookbag and says “Uhoh Mom. My bookbag is full of ants.”  OH. CRAP.  Of course there was nothing in the car to use to wipe out the bookbag.  I started pulling things out.  Her folder – crawling with ants.  A box of Kleenex that was to be turned in yesterday as part of her supplies.  Not only covered in ants, but suspiciously sticky on the bottom.  Then I found it. A ziplock bag with a mysterious mushy black substance.  I pulled it out and asked her WHAT it was.  “Oh.  I think it’s the banana.”  So, Banana in ziplock baggie goes out the door of the car.  Yes, I hate to say it, but I littered.  I tried wiping out the ants with gobs of Kleenex and that didn’t do a thing.  So we zipped back up the hill and I ran inside. Threw the bag on the kitchen floor and doused it with antspray. Ran upstairs and grabbed last year’s bookbag, ran downstairs, dumped out the 300 toys that were living in there, grabbed a paper towel and sprayed with antspray – ran back outside, zipped down the hill and somehow got most of the dead ants out of the folder before the bus came! 

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