Friday, August 26, 2011

Mystery Scrap Week 24 (Friday)

Ahh - made it to Friday of the first week of school.  All day I felt like I could put my head down and sleep for 24 hours.  Maybe it's related to the kids going back to school or maybe I'm fighting off something. Either way I'm looking forward to the weekend!
Before I show you today's inspiration page (by KariAnn S), I missed a piece that you will need - a third 12" small strip of colored cardstock. (I used 3 different, as did KariAnn in her original!) 
I LOVE the inspiration page for this week. Check it out here...
I am a big fan of the ruffles on clothes that are so popular right now (or are they nearing the end of their popularity - I hope not!) Either way, I love them and need to go stock up before they do go out of style!  I love the way the border punched pieces give the feel of ruffles, the white on white and even my husband commented on how much he liked this page especially the white letters on mostly white background. This would look great in any color and I can see myself using this idea more than once. You could use it for a really girly page, or in blues for a beach page. Fun! Here is my creation this week. I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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