Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mystery Scrap Week 24 (Wednesday)

Well, we survived the first two days of school (although, they did evacuate the kids today after the earthquake this afternoon!) That was a bit crazy, but luckily no damage or injuries. My heart goes out to those that did have damage as a result including some people that I work with who live closer to the epicenter...
On a lighter note, for this week's page, gather the following and meet me back here on Friday to see how it all comes together!
2 pieces of solid color cardstock 12x12 (same color)
2 little strips of 12" paper - .5" or less in width is enough
gather all of your border punches or decorative scissors
6-10 little embellishments - .5"-1" flowers, buttons, punched items - keep it simple
journaling spot ~ 2.5" in diameter circle
title - chipboard letters, stickers, cricut cut letters, etc (the same color as the cardstock gives a nice effect, but is not necessary!

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