Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mystery Scrap Week 37 (Wednesday)

Supplies you will need this week are:
1 solid piece of 12x12 cardstock for the background
5 pieces of patterned paper 3"x3" (see where we're going with this yet?)
(if you have any kits with coordinating patterned paper, this would work perfectly)
stickers (1" or smaller) for title - you will have - you guessed it! - 3"x3" for your title
4-8 embellishments - varying sizes - you can go as large as 2.5" if desired
1 small strip of patterned paper - can be the same as one of the above or a 6th pattern ~ 3/8"x 2.25"
teeny tiny letter stickers (if desired)
See ya Friday!

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