Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mystery Scrap Week 40 (Friday)

Studio Calico is a fantastic site for inspiration. Each month they have a kit for sale & then add ons that you can purchase separately. I've never bought any, but it's only a matter of time. Here is a link to their Design Team Gallery - any and all of these make for terrific inspiration and use the most recent kit release - this time it's Brooklyn Flea (here is the link to the kit). Make sure to check out the other designers - it's a virtual who's who list of scrapbookers - most if not all are regularly featured in magazines.  This week's page is another scraplift of April Foster (I think we did one of hers just a couple weeks ago.) Check it out here.  It's the middle one.
I pulled 4-5 scrap pieces of double sided, patterned Halloween paper and started punching circles. After I placed my picture on the left edge of the page, I put the plate over top of it and drew a circle in pencil. Then I started randomly putting down the larger two sizes of circles. Then I put some smaller circles on top of those, then I added my embellishments. On April's design, she kept each circle mainly monochromatic, but I decided that mine would be more fun & playful by mixing up the colors. Don't stress out about a pattern for your circles/punches, just go with it. For my text, I didn't want white strips on white paper, so I cut a piece of the Halloween orange paper to 4x6, set my document size in Word to 4x6 and ran that through my printer. Now, here's my scraplift...

A couple notes - I just realized that I forgot that I wanted to add little letters to the Title so that it would say SCARY CUTE.  Second, please ignore any orange cat hair on my black tablecloth if you see any - apparently some little kitten decided to climb on the table while we were out of town! Everyone have a great weekend and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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