Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of Year Review...

Sadly, I can't find my list of goals for 2011 (I don't do resolutions, just some basic goal setting). I also can't find my 2012 day planner that I bought several months ago - GRRR - something tells me that should play into one of my 2012 goals!
Anyway, what I remember of my creative/crafting goals & my resultsa are below... Tomorrow, I'll have a post with my 2012 creative goals.
My goal going into 2011 was to create 52 scrapbook pages. For me this was a HUGE stretch because up until 2011 I've been lucky to get 10-15 pages done per year. But, because of a couple different things, I not only hit that goal, but BLEW IT AWAY!  At the end of January, I stumbled onto a website that mentioned Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day. I looked into it and decidedly immediately to try it. I knew that I may not succeed in  making a layout every day for February, but even if I fell short, it would help me get more pages done. I also did Layout A Day in May & October. In March (after LOAD ended and I was going through withdrawal), I decided to try my hand at blogging. Add those 40 pages to the total and I would estimate I've done between 130 & 150 pages this year. 
I attended an evening crop & an all day crop, and organized the first ever Crop for a Cure (Southwest Virginia) in May. It was an all day, fun filled crop to benefit Susan G. Komen Greater Roanoke. It was a success & I took Susan G. Komen a check for $885 in August! 
This year on my blog, we did 40 Mystery Scrap Layouts from 31 different inspiration sources including 2 each from April Foster, Celeste Smith, and Diana at Wicky Sticket (P.S. check out her blog to see the amazing way she's making a difference in the lives of a group of girls in Jamaica. We did 3 pages based on Laura Vegas oages (funny story - when I was lucky enough to get to go to an Archivers Store in Kansas City while visiting my sister, I saw an example layout in the store with a picture of her kids) (You know you are an obsessive scrapbooker when you recognize the kids of published scrapbookers!).  Anyway, I then had to google to try to see if she lived in that area. Sadly, she does not. Anyway - back to my list!
We did 4 pages from Kari Ann Sweeney. I love every page she puts on her blog! Must be the name.

My favorite page from Mystery Scrap this year is this one.  

What is your favorite page this year & what makes it your favorite? Did you stretch your creative muscles?  Did you scrap a favorite picture? Did you try something new? Use your favorite piece of patterned paper?  Leave a comment - I'd love to hear about it.

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