Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Kick Off!

Yesterday I posted about the goals I remember from 2011.  What are your personal creative/crafty goals for 2012?

Some of mine are:
~150 scrapbook pages (through blog and 3 Layout a Day's)
~2nd Annual Crop for a Cure (Southwest Virginia) - goal $2000 donated to Susan G. Komen and double the attendees
~To not be scrambling at the last minute to finish my calendars (I do these each year for certain family members) - (I'm actually starting them as soon as I finish this blog post!)
~200 cards to Operation Write Home (personally) any additional if we do another ZTA Alumnae card making day would be fabulous, too.
~To increase traffic to my blog.
~Do Project Life (This is on my wishlist for my birthday this year in a couple weeks). I started a digital version last year, but once I discovered LOAD, Project Life fell by the wayside. I'm thinking maybe the paper version (Cobalt) would be more motivation than the digital.  If you haven't heard of Project Life, search Becky Higgins Blog and watch her video about this (her brainchild) and the products are available on
~Work on (maybe even finish) the quilt I started for Evan (ummmm over a year ago.)
Improve my sewing skills (right now I can sew a straight line - mostly on paper!) 
~To spend more time making my home lovely. It's comfortable and functional, but two things I am NOT good at are Fashion & Decorating. So, one of my goals is to make more of an effort on those two fronts.

Has anyone heard of "One Little Word" I think this is an Ali Edwards brainchild. It's one word that you focus on for the year. Something that you want to keep in the forefront or something you want to work on. A trait you want to embody.  I have purposely avoided this, but earlier this week as I was driving home, one popped in my head and would NOT get out. BALANCE.  This year, I had a great crafty/creative year because I really focused on it.  So for 2012, I want to put some of that same energy toward eating healthier & exercising more regularly as well as decorating the house & putting more effort into my daily appearance. I also realize that when I'm serious crafting (like before Christmas or making a large project, the house suffers, so I need to find a happy medium between keeping the house clean and uncluttered and doing the stuff that I enjoy so much. Hopefully, BALANCE will lead to success in each of those arenas!  I might do a page and hang it up or something else small so that I keep it in mind all year. How about you? Do you have a word that simply describes what you want out of life in 2012? 
Whatever your goals are I wish you luck. Wishing all of you a HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR. 

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  1. Hi Kari - Popping over from LOAD212 to say hi! (I'm KnowJoy) You have some fabulous and inspiring goals for this year. My one little word for 2010 was Cherish. For some reason, I didn't pick one in 2011 (my dad passed away in January of 2011, so that might have been why). And this year, I've thought about many words, but haven't really settled on one. Focus comes to mind. Anyhow, looking forward to spending more time looking through your mystery scraps when I have time. Take care!