Friday, March 16, 2012

Mystery Scrap '12 Week 11 Friday

I feel like a slacker when it comes to my little blog right now. Fortunately, the reasons for my slackerness on the blog stem from working on my "balance" of everything else.  I'm keeping my house in shape, my laundry mostly caught up & exercising more regularly than I have in quite a while. On top of that, the plans for Crop for a Cause are moving right along. SO - please bear with me over the next couple months. Hopefully, my posts will be more timely, but I'm not promising anything!
So - the supplies you'll need for this week's page are pretty minimal. 
One square of solid color or patterned paper the same size as your pictures. and letter stickers, cricut/Pazzles cut letters.  I created the pages digitally, but you could run white cardstock through your printer and mount on white 12x12 to achieve a similar effect. My plan is to do these interviews with the girls each year around their birthdays. Now, I wonder if I could get Chris to do one, too...

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