Monday, March 26, 2012

Mystery Scrap '12 Week 13 - Monday

Good morning Scrappers!  We had a lovely weekend - the girls went to their Grandmom & Granddad's house for the weekend and Chris & I went to two movies on Saturday (The Hunger Games & 21 Jumpstreet) with some Carraba's in between!  Then Sunday I worked on this week's page before we met everyone for lunch. The afternoon was spent cleaning up and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't take all that long to get the house looking ship shape!  Cooper got another bath. It's now about 5 weeks post-skunking and he still smells terrible when it rains (which it did A LOT) this weekend. Anyway... on to this week's page. You'll need 1 photo that is 5x7 portrait (or it could be 5x6 or 4.5 x 6). Then, you have a couple choices - you could do a landscape 4x6 or 2 portraits printed on a 4x6.  I used a 4.5x6.25 with a 4.75x 6.5 mat and 2 4"tall by 3" wide portrait matted the same as my larger portrait. Check back Wednesday to find out what supplies you'll need to complete the page!

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