Saturday, March 5, 2011

The beginning

I've been debating starting a blog now, for quite some time. To share pictures, ideas, inspiration and thoughts with my friends and fellow crafters.  I'm planning a scrapbooking fundraiser in May (in Southwest VA) and thought this would be a good way to post all the information.  If you are interested in more details, please let me know! So, while I continue getting that together, I figured I'd get started! 

Here is a picture from my most recent update to my scrapbook room.  Last night Chris hung two things for me - a new stamp pad holder & a curtain rod.  I've been wanting a way to display some of my favorite layouts as decor until I put them into albums.  I'm pleased with how it turned out, except for two minor details.  One - the clips are a little too strong and put little teeny teeth marks on the layouts - need to find a way to protect the layouts. For right now, they are not very noticeable, so I'll just deal until I think of something - anyone have any ideas?  Two - on the left hand side, the curly q on the end broke off. Unfortunately, I can't return it - our Joann's is closing and all sales were final.  Will try to glue it back together. 


  1. So, I don't know what the clips are like, but could you get a sheet of the art foam which is sticky on one side and pad the inside of the clip?

  2. These pages are beautiful! And I love the idea of using them for decoration in your room. I'm looking forward to the inspiration! :)

  3. Court - good suggestion - last night I tried felt first, but that didn't work, so then I found a sheet that I had lying around (it's not adhesive backed) but it worked perfectly! I just folded in half and then trimmed so it wasn't super visible. Great minds!