Sunday, March 13, 2011

Layout A Day

On January 31, I stumbled on a website for something called Layout a Day or LOAD for short.  The theme was Inspiration is Everywhere and the idea was to create a Layout every day in the month of February.  I made an immediate decision to try it - I figured it would be fun and even if I didn't complete a layout every day, I would get more done than I had been.  I signed up - it was $30 and every day just after midnight (eastern), Lain Ehmann (the genius behind it!) would send a link to a website with a prompt of some sort.  You could use that prompt to help you find inspiration and create your daily layout or just do your own thing.  Then, you'd upload your pic before midnight pacific - give you a 27 hour day - WOOHOO!  
Some nights I would stay up late just to see the next prompt.  I got so many great ideas on how to look at things in a different way to really start to see inspiration everywhere. There were prizes along the way and a grand prize for one person who completed 28 in 28 days.  I wanted that prize even though I didn't know what it was - I figured it would be something good! Unfortunately, I didn't win, but in a way I really did.  I did 30 pages in 28 days.  This project forced me to make decisions faster, commit things to paper more resolutely, go with my gut & not second guess myself.  One of Lain's main messages with Layout A Day is "Done is Better than Perfect."  How true is that?  Sure there are some pages that I don't love, but you know what? They are still completed pages. Each is one more story told about our life.  If you are interested, go to her website (she has a class starting soon called True Scrap, and also a monthly subscription based program called ScrapHappy).  Check it out - and consider Layout A Day in May - I bet you'd love it as much as I did.  Here are two pages that show all the different pages I completed in February!

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