Friday, March 11, 2011

Mystery Scrap Week 1 (Friday)

Please keep in mind this first week is a very very simple page.  We'll do some more complicated ones, but I wanted a bit of a warm up.  Drumroll please....
Here we go! The first layout for you to assemble! This is based on the layout at the bottom of the post from March 1here...
Half the fun of doing this will be to see what other people's pages look like - so I've created a group on Flickr where we can share our pages.  Once you have completed your layout, create a Flickr account for yourself at  Here is a link to our group - you may have to request access and I will approve as quickly as I can.
Next, upload your photo - which puts it in your photostream. Then you can tag it, so tag this week's project as Mystery1.  Now, click on the photo and you can Add to Group (once you are set up with the Group). If you have any problems, let me know! 
I'll be posting most days (not just the days with prompts) so keep checking back!  And - don't forget to spread the word about our Mystery Scrap fun & Crop for a Cure!  Thanks!

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