Thursday, March 10, 2011

Saving Time

My tendency when I sit down to scrapbook is to take FOR-EV-ER to decide on each part of the page.  I mean FOREVER!  I've spent as much as 6 hours working on one page.  And while that page may (or may not!) turn out to be a work of art, my time would probably be better spent getting 6 pages done. 6 pages that document our life - isn't that better than one?  SO... I'll tell you my secret.  But you've gotta keep it just between us. Ok?
Did you hear that? 
One of the best things I've found to streamline my scrapbooking.  And it's not a dirty little secret. In fact, it's encouraged.  Scraplifting is using someone else's design as inspiration to make one of your own.  It can be copying the title, the topic, the color scheme or the whole darn page.  I'm not artistic by any means, so when I scraplift, I look for pages that really grab me and then I try to figure out what about them I like so much.  When I'm ready to make a page, I go through my inspiration file until I see one I like and then I go from there.  I either look for a layout that I want to "lift" and then go through pictures until I find some that will work OR I pick out pictures, then flip through my inspiration until I find one that fits the pictures. 
The thing you need to remember, though, when you do scraplift a layout - you should never claim the work as your own.  Trying to get published in a magazine using something you scraplifted is reaaallllly not cool.  And, if you post your work online in any galleries, let people know where your inspiration came from.  For example, this layout is one of my all time favorites. Ever. (It did take me forever, but I knew that going in and it was worth it).
It was scraplifted from this layout  by Melinda Spinks (Love her blog)

I used my Imaginisce i-Rock tool to do the little gems in the centers of the pink flowers. EVERYONE needs an i-Rock!  Have a great day and make sure to come back tomorrow to see how the Week #1 Mystery Scrap Layout comes together!

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