Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fun Quiz & Crop Update

Good morning!  Happy Thursday! Here is a link to a fun quiz "What's your organizing style?" It was originally published in Creating Keepsakes, March 2009, but it still had me totally pegged!  I took it yesterday and it was right on the money for me with a score of 42. Let me know if you take it what  your results are and if that's true to your organizing style. 
In Crop for a Cure news, the registration form is now up.  Find it here or on the Crop for a Cure link above.  Please forward to anyone you know who would enjoy this event or like to donate! Here is a pdf version of the flyer also. See you tomorrow for the Mystery Scrap Friday reveal!

1 comment:

  1. OK so I did the quiz and I am a 34 "Good Enough" which works for me. One day maybe if I ever get a scrapbooking room them I will be
    "Uber Organized" not I don' think I will ever be that way.