Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mystery Scrap '12 Week 1 - Wednesday

Time to gather supplies for this week's page...
2 solid color pieces of cardstock
patterned paper 4x6 pieces (2 - same pattern for both)
light solid color paper 4x6 (can be border punched around edges if desired) journaling will go on this
20 1" squares of patterned paper - several different designs
4 super skinny strips of patterned (.25" or so) or solid color paper - 12" long
2 border punched pieces 8" long each
large embellishment to go with the topic of your page if possible (paper pieced, large shape, large chipboard piece) - should take up better part of one of the 4x6 patterned papers above
~9 small embellishments (buttons, punched pieces, etc)
title - chipboard, pazzles/cricut cut letters, thickers, stickers - mix it up - use several different colors or styles
As I'm typing this I'm watching my Hokies play in the Sugar Bowl and it is SO SO SO frustrating. I'm not even enjoying my time in my "Scrap Up Room" as Mattie calls it.  (Hubby is in New Orleans at the game). Honestly, every season, this team takes several years off my life, yet I love them anyway.  Funny story - one day we were talking and Chris said to Mattie "What do you call Mommy's play room upstairs?" (trying to get her to say Scrap Up Room) and she said "Messy!" Of course, he thought that was hysterical. :-) Ok - back to the game and cleaning up all my scrap paper leftover from my holiday crafting frenzy.

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