Monday, January 2, 2012

Mystery Scrap '12 Week 1

So, I think I have some Type A issues, so I'm going to start the numbering over with the New Year.  That way the Mystery Scrap numbers will coordinate with the calendar week (I use this a lot at work, so it'll make it easier for me!)  Did anyone get any scrapbook goodies for Christmas?  I did.  :-)  My awesome sister got me the two Bella Blvd lines that I mentioned a couple weeks ago - Winter Wonder & Spring Flings & Easter Things.  Then, when we were visiting them in Kansas, she, my Mom & I went to both Archivers and a fabulous Local Scrapbook Store (LSS) about a minute from where she lives (The Scrapbook Page) and spent the $ I got for Christmas. I got a couple pieces from yet another Bella Blvd line (Christmas Wishes) - love that one, too!
Anyway - I'd love to hear what you got from Santa! This week, we'll do a two page spread - got to get through some of those Christmas pictures! You've got some options with this one. The inspiration page includes 3 portrait 4"x6" and 4 landscape 4"x3" BUT, if you have more landscape photos you want to incorporate, reduce the number of portrait and add two more small landscape (example 1 portrait & 8 landscape). We've got room for a longer title if necessary and up to 4"x6" of journaling space.
I'm hoping to get a couple extra posts in this week showing some of the Christmas goodies I worked on leading up to the holidays. So, stop by! Have a great second day of 2012!

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