Friday, January 27, 2012

Mystery Scrap '12 Week 4 - Friday

The layout that we are scraplifting this week comes from Poki Nobeno and you can see it here (It's the second one down on the page).  Here's my version - another page from our Christmas trip to Kansas City.  There is a white squirrel that visits my sister's back yard regularly - he's not albino, just white and we had so much fun squirrel watching.  I took more than 100 photos of him and my sister told me I need to do a page with dozens of photos. Instead, I figured 8 would be sufficient.

We're prepping for Evan's birthday party tomorrow and my husband just cut his finger with my good Pampered Chef bread knife while cutting a dowel to attach Perry the Platypus' eyeballs to the body of the cake. Might be time to call it a night...  Everyone have a great weekend and I hope you get some scrapping time in!

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