Friday, January 20, 2012

Mystery Scrap '12 Week 3 - Friday

This week's inspiration layout is a January 2008 design by Kelly Noel - check it out here. Don't you just LOVE the bright, fun colors? The patterned paper is great to - kind of pulls it all together!
Here is my page for this week - I'm so glad I finally got one done - it feels like forever since I've done a page (in reality it's probably been 2 weeks).  Anyway - I ended up with kind of an odd color combination as I was trying to pull the red of the bike the silver/chrome color and a little bit of blue. I tried to incorporate more blue - I wanted something darker blue for the 1"x12" but (believe it or not) didn't have anything patterned paper wise that I liked for it.  I was going to leave off the big embellishment, but at the last minute, thought about the Pebbles Chips (love those things!) Hope you enjoyed this week.

Isn't my nephew adorable?

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