Monday, January 16, 2012

Mystery Scrap '12 Week 3 - Monday

Yep - it was a no-go on the scrapbooking this weekend. My parents came through Friday night for a quick visit on their way to Hilton Head for a couple weeks & my Mom took me birthday shopping. We got some clothes which was kinda fun because I am a total NON-shopper unless it's for scrapbook supplies.  Then they left Saturday morning and we headed to my in-laws to exchange gifts with my sister in law and her hubby. Sunday was grocery shopping and painting while my sister in law & her hubby took the girls to see Beauty & the Beast in 3D.  Not sure who liked it more - my girls or their aunt! Anyway - I'm writing this after putting the kids in bed and am totally wiped out. Chris & I are going to open a bottle of wine and watch some tv in bed (the living room tv is sitting on the couch at the moment until the painting is done!) It was a nice, productive weekend - there just wasn't any scrapbooking involved. Oh well, they can't all I guess.  ;-)
So - I may or may not ever get around to doing the week 2 page - I've got the pictures, but was never able to find the right papers to motivate me. And you know what? I'm ok with skipping a week. Instead, I'll turn my focus to Mystery Scrap Week 3.
The sizes and orientations you will need to play along with this week's page are:
portrait - 4"w x 6"t
landscape 3"t x 4"w
Lots going on here right now so it's quite possible I will skip making more pages in the coming weeks... I will try to do posts of some of the more fun projects as they occur (Valentine's for the teachers, kids, Valentine's party, and some Valentine crafts that we'll be doing). So, keep checking back and I'll try to have something fun to look at!
Happy Monday!

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