Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mystery Scrap '12 Week 2 -Wednesday

supplies you will need are:
1 12x12 piece of solid color (or textured) card stock
1 piece of patterned paper 5.125"w x 7.5" t and  another piece of the same pattern 6.875"wx5.75"t
1 piece of a 2nd patterned paper 6.875"w x1.5"t
1 piece of a 3rd patterned paper 6.875"wx1.5"t & another piece of the same pattern *6.875"w x 2.5"t
2 pieces of a punched border or cardstock sticker border 5.125" w
1 piece of ribbon or trim 5.125"w
title - mixture of sticker/cardstock letters & tiny letters - it will fit on the piece above *
1 embellishment ~1-1.5" in size & another small embellishment .5" or smaller
journaling - can be sticker strips or journaling strips - 6.875"w and .5"-.75" in height

I know I said this was a simple one, but it's not feeling simple to me this morning! 

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