Thursday, January 12, 2012

Other Treats

Before Christmas, I made some other treats - first, for the collegiate ZTA's at Radford & VT, the Roanoke Alumnae wanted to do some goodies to wish the ladies luck on exams. I happened to luck into some super super cheap Skittles at work so I bought a ton. Still have 2.5 cases left in my scrapbook room! Anyway, I made these (one of the ZTA symbols is a 5 pointed crown, but the closest I had in my stamp collection was a 4 pointed crown, so I figure that was close enough for this purpose!).  I Made 240 of these...
I saw this a while back and thought the Smarties would tie in well with exams, so made 80 or so of these. (Our colors are turquoise blue & steel grey).  These came together super quickly and would be cute for Valentine's Day for the kids' classes I think.
Then, since I obviously didn't get enough of the Skittles bags, a week or so later, I made another 70 for the teachers and staff at the school for a PTA sponsored holiday luncheon but these were more holiday-ish (Again the PTI stamp set). 

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